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King Geedorah – Take Me To Your Leader

Another classic album produced by hip hop underground legend MF Doom, under the pseudonym of ‘King Geedorah’. The album was released under the Big Dada record label, the hip hop division and accompanying record label of NinjaTune. With regards to the album, Daniel Dumile AKA Geedorah, states the following;

“You should listen to the album for what it is and not expect it to be like the average “rap” stuff you’re probably used to. Geedorah is a space monster. He’s not from the Earth. I made it different on purpose. A blend of ill lyrics and instrumentals. To me its way iller than any of the wack shit out now… This whole album is Geedorah’s alien perspective on humans. This is done intentionally to show the listener a mirror image of his/herself and the way we see each other. On the album we cover different subjects ranging from race issues to the neglect of children. Some might find the word “Nigger” offensive, or the line about the young girl not being able to read maybe considered a “bad taste” joke. All these insecurities are within us.”

The character King Geedorah is thought to have grown from the character that appears in the Godzilla movies, King Ghidorah, who appeared as a three-headed golden monkey.  


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Monsta Island Czars – Escape From Monsta Island

Escape from Monsta Island! is the first full-length album released by the Monsta Island Czars, notably featuring Daniel Dumile under his King Geedorah/King Ghidra alias, or better known as MF Doom to many. The album is very highly regarded among underground hip-hop fans. Although the Monsta Island Czars are a creation of MF Grimm, he is absent on the entire album due to his incarceration at the time of its production and release.

The album is entirely produced by the combination of X-Ray and King Geedorah, whilst it was released under the Metal Face Record Label. Monsta Island Czars is a hip-hop group from New York City featuring MF Doom and MF Grimm among others. The rappers in the group, such as King Geedorah, Jet Jaguar, Megalon, Spiega, Kong, Gigan, Rodan, take their names from movie monsters. Their first full length album, Escape from Monsta Island!, was released in 2003 by Rhymesayers Entertainment. Many of the Czars appeared on MF Doom’s album Take Me to Your Leader under his King Geedorah alias. Most M.I.C. (as they are often abbreviated) tracks are produced by King Caesar (aka X-Ray) or King Geedorah (aka MF Doom). (Both of whom are absent from the MF Grimm American Hunger album. As MF Doom is apparently feuding with M.I.C, and specifically MF Grimm, it appears doubtful that he will produce any future tracks.)

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